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What is this blog?

Hiya folks,

So this is the second or third entry into this blog that I’ve written (although, it may be the first that I publish), and it’s going well, so I figured it was about time to start the process of obsessively categorizing until I’ve turned this fun little project into a perfectly horrible system of systems upon systems, ultimately sucking out any fun or spontaneity that might have originally been present. I’d like to make a little blog constitution, if you will.

See, going into this, I had no idea what it would become. In fact, some (read: all) might argue that I still don’t. Right now, it’s still more or less an ever-extending Word document on my laptop that I’m thinking I might one day, perhaps, possibly, maybe publish to some small sect of the internet. But before I can even think about that, I’d like to at least lay down some semblance of an overall…thesis statement?

That’s not really it.

Mission statement?

No, not really.

Maybe I’ll just stick with an introduction, for now.

So what is this blog? Primarily I suppose it’s a place for me to semi-permanently record the conversations I have with myself in the shower, but in a more socially acceptable way. It’s also a good way for me to practice my writing and work out my creativity muscles.

Topic-wise, I’d like to talk about the little things I find interesting: books, movies, or just fun facts. But I’d also like to talk some philosophy, or life mottos, or stuff like that from time to time.

All in all, I guess the floor is pretty open to whatever I want to barf out of my brain on any given day. If that sounds okay to you, stick around. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even say something interesting every once in a while.

- Camruinn

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